Romani Gypsy Dancing

Romani Gypsy dancing

Fiora had a passion for Romani arts since a young age and she studied the dances of the Gypsy diaspora. The following styles which she practices are listed below:

Kalbeliya (Rajasthani gypsy style) 

Kalbeliya is the original gypsy style performed by the gypsy tribes of Rajasthan, the Motherland of the Gypsies. The steps are very earthy and the hand movements resemble either classical Indian mudras or snake moves as gypsies are famous snake charmers.

Dancers are covered with colourful costumes and jewellery. Fiora has studied Kalbeliya and was also performing with the Lasya movement in Bristol from 2012-2013.

Kawleeya (Iraqi gypsy style)

Kawleeya is a highly energetic dance style of the Iraqi gypsies. It incorporates hair swinging, on the spot coordinated jumps and sudden falls on the ground while entering a trance-like state.

Fiora is mostly self-taught in the Iraqi gypsy style but has also taken seminars with Assala Ibrahim, a famous ambassador of the Iraqi dance styles.

Ruska Roma (Russian style)

The Russian gypsy style, known as Ruska Roma, is a highly skillful and energetic dance which resembles the Spanish footwork with elements of skirt, shawls and bellydance.

Fiora has studied Ruska Roma and was a performing member of the Gypsy Dance UK group from 2014-2016.

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